Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard Drive Data Recovery San Antonio, TX

Hard drive data recovery encompasses anything from recovering deleted files, formatted hard drives, bad sectors, burnt PCB components, failed heads, stiction, or stuck bearings. Data recovery from each of these problems usually requires a unique set of tools, knowledge and experience. The first step in hard drive data recovery is finding someone with the proper qualifications to safely and accurately evaluate your hard drive’s failure.

If your data is valuable to you, and your drive is making any unusual noise, do not power it on. Take it to a certified data recovery specialist to have it evaluated.

Professional hard drive data recovery requires equipment designed to perform specific hard drive recovery tasks. While some tasks can be recovered safely by software, most jobs require knowledge of file systems, service area firmware, vendor commands, and the proper tools to implement that. Data Recovery San Antonio uses the industry standard PC-3000, DeepSpar DDI4, HddSurgery tools, and a class 100 cleanroom along with other industry specific tools.

Hard drive data recovery should ideally begin with a professional evaluation. The reason for this is, if your hard drive is experiencing certain failures, attempting to access the drive can cause permanent data loss. Never format, initialize, or run CHKDSK on any failing hard drive.

Common causes of hard drive failure include manufacturing defects, dropping or other shocks to the drive, power surges, accidental formatting, and computer viruses.

We group hard drive failures into logical, electrical, or physical errors. Logical errors include deleted files, accidentally formatted drives, firmware damage, bad sectors, etc. Types of electrical errors are failed PCB components and damaged pre-amp, etc. Physical errors are failed heads, stuck motors, stiction, etc.

Physically damaged hard drives frequently make noises such as clicking, buzzing, beeping, scratching, or grinding. Other signs of hard drive failure include blue screen, drive not formatted error, system freezes, computer won’t boot, or files can’t be accessed. For more information on signs of hard drive failure, see signs of data loss risk.

We provide hard drive data recovery primarily for SATA and IDE drives from Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Samsung, Maxtor, and most other brands.